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Can I petition to have NBC show us their goddamn e-scores? Do I need to look them up? WTF I’m so over their made-up scoring system.

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A year ago today, I had my last cigarette hopefully ever. Actually pretty damn proud.

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If in a year or two there is not some video on the internet of Colton Keith and Carter Seabrook learning to skate together, I will be eternally unsatisfied.

Oh snap, 2013 is almost over.

I’d like to make a nostalgic little text post and point out that 2013 has literally been the best year of my entire life. 

1. I quit smoking (seriously, I haven’t in over 9 months)

2. Lost 30 pounds

3. Finally got a 4.0 (not this semester, A-s are the literal worst)

4. Spent 3 months and worked in DC

5. Ran my fastest mile of 4:16

6. Did my own research

7. Successfully wrote a good portion of my senior thesis and culminating honors project

8. Got elected my chapter’s president

Those are just a few things, but I guess 2013 has been the year that I actually did get my shit together. I’m not saying bad things didn’t happen or anything because people suck and shit, but it’s been a fantastic year, and I finally feel like I’ve found equilibrium in my life.

Goals for 2014:

1. Don’t fuck up the presidency (please)

2. Sleep more (insomnia, you are still a thing)

3. Kick the LSATs ass

4. Give less of a fuck about gossip and people being people


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Great weekend with my four faves!

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10/18/13: First shots exchanged (X)

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I always win, except when I lose, and then I get really pissed off.